REC Solar

The South West's First Solar Farm Is Connected

Although the 30% business investment tax credit (ITC) for installing solar expires at the end of 2016, the window for taking advantage of the ITC is actually much sooner. Unless Congress extends the ITC – which is an open question at this time – business owners should begin planning now for solar projects to be… Keep reading →

Farmers Conclude Grain Harvest

SB 594, a law that went into effect in PG&E utility territory February 2014, now allows property owners to aggregate the electricity load of multiple utility meters scattered throughout a single parcel or multiple continuous parcels and credit the bills with a single “Net Metered” installation. This new program is called ‘Net Meter Aggregation’ and… Keep reading →

Work Crew Installs Solar Power Panels In Santa Monica

A look at customer ratings of SolarCity, Verengo Solar, Vivint Solar, REC Solar and Sungevity The solar industry term “customer acquisition” is a euphemism for “convincing people to spend money.” The top solar installers have tens of thousands of potential customers who have expressed interest in solar. But turning those leads into purchases can be… Keep reading →

Ryan Park is skilled at handling national fame and romantic rejection, but when it comes to the solar energy business, he’s focused on guaranteeing companies don’t reject small scale solar that can have a big impact.

Park is most famous for his role as a contestant on the reality television show The Bachelorette, but he has worked steadily since graduate school in building the business of REC Solar. REC Solar, a now-national player in solar based in southern California, puts distributed generation solar systems on roofs of Costco superstores as well as on homes and at other easily-accessed and easily-permitted sites around the country. Keep reading →