G20 Leaders Meet In St. Petersburg For The Summit

To reap the benefits and avert the dangers of Moscow’s latest developments with Iran, Washington and Europe should adopt a strategy that allows them to cooperate on Syria and antiterrorism efforts, while continuing pressure on issues such as the Ukraine conflict and S-300 deliveries to Tehran. On November 23, Russian president Vladimir Putin opens a… Keep reading →


    Three sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said last week that the much touted Power of Siberia (POS) natural gas pipeline to be built by Russian gas giant Gazprom and earmarked to bring natural gas from two new fields in Russia to China could be delayed. The sources said that the pipeline could… Keep reading →

Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final

 The Russian economy is heavily dependent on oil – prices of which have been falling precipitously – and sanctions imposed by western governments in retaliation for Russia’s aggressive action in Ukraine are putting extreme pressure on the country’s currency. There is concern the Russian government and/or Russian companies lack sufficient currency reserves to pay debt… Keep reading →

A liquified natural gas (LNG) tanker sit

As Russian president Vladimir Putin prepares to visit China, state-controlled Gazprom looks to be putting the finishing touches on a long-awaited gas supply contract to China. Negotiations have been ongoing for more than a decade, with price reportedly being the main sticking point. Chinese companies reluctant to pay European prices for Russian natural gas held… Keep reading →

An tanker is docked on June 05, 2010 off

For years analysts have estimated US LNG exports would likely materialize in the 4 to 6 billion cubic foot per day range, but much of the focus has more recently shifted to the regulatory process and backlog of projects seeking approval. The Houston Chronicle’s Jennifer A. Dlouhy shifts attention back to the complex financial juggling… Keep reading →

2014 Paralympic Winter Games - Closing Ceremony

Some banks are sticking it out in commodities as several others exit the business amid onerous regulations and decreasing profitability. The banks that stick around – including Goldman Sachs – face less competition. [Bloomberg] Putin feels emboldened by the fact that major western oil companies remain committed to Russia despite the current souring of relations… Keep reading →

G7 Leaders Meet To Discuss Ukraine During Nuclear Summit

Given Moscow’s potential ability to undermine Iran diplomacy, Washington has yet another compelling reason to reestablish faith in — and fear of — America’s willingness to use military strength. Russian deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov generated considerable commentary last week when he threatened potential “retaliatory measures” on the Iranian nuclear file if Washington pressures Moscow… Keep reading →

14th IAAF World Athletics Championships Moscow 2013 - Previews

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said he will deposit his salary in a shady bank targeted by western sanctions. The bank deals a lot with the Kremlin and Russian energy businesses, including Gazprom. “Little has been known about Bank Rossiya, which has risen to become the country’s 15th largest bank by assets last year from 54th… Keep reading →

Plug-In 2008 Conference And Expo Highlights Latest Hybrid Electric Car

A Marquette political science teacher is taking a year off to focus on a business that allows smart phone users to pool water, power and natural gas usage data so as to more effectively manage consumption. It’s interesting because the application does the job smart meters promise without waiting for their truncated deployment or relying… Keep reading →

RUS: Khodorkovsky Returns To Moscow Courtroom

The final chapter in one of early post-Soviet Russia’s most high-profile oil industry shakeups appears to be coming to a close with the largely symbolic pardon of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former head of Yukos. The company was one of Russia’s largest oil companies by reserves and production during the free-wheeling privatizations of the 1990’s when Soviet… Keep reading →

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