Power Plant Emissions

Government Shutdown Continues Into Weekend

Consistent with longstanding administrative-law precedents, the D.C. Circuit has rejected two challenges to EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan rule as premature.


EPA’s new rules for limiting emissions of carbon dioxide for both existing power plants and proposed plants have prompted at least two substantive reports by public policy institutes focusing on the economic aspects of the proposals.

From Moonscape To Lake District: East Germany's Coal Mines

As the EPA’s long-awaited rule to control emissions from existing power plants draws near – the official announcement is expected Monday – stakeholders and lobbyists on both sides of the debate are sharpening their swords. The issue has also taken on considerable political significance ahead of the November elections. Fossil fuel interests are releasing estimates… Keep reading →

Banda Aceh Struggles After Devastating Quake

Oil theft in Nigeria caused Shell to recently declare force majeure on its Forcados crude grade and continued sabotage could decrease May exports to the lowest levels in five years, which would make Angola the largest African oil exporter by volume. [Sweet Crude Reports] The long-awaited EPA rule to restrict carbon emissions from existing power… Keep reading →