Power Outages

Another Winter Storm Bears Down On Northeast

With the East Coast shivering from the effects of something the weather folks have dubbed a “bomb cyclone,” a couple things come to mind: Gratitude for abundant natural gas that affordably heats homes and reliably fuels electricity generation. Dismay that for some in the U.S. – the world’s leading producer of natural gas and oil –… Keep reading →


This month the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is making a series of announcements to support its Grid Modernization Initiative. As we do so, we realize many of you may be wondering: what does “grid modernization” mean? Let’s start at the beginning. The electric power grid has been rightly celebrated as the single most important… Keep reading →


The Obama administration laid out its plans on Thursday to limit petroleum drilling on the habitats of the greater sage grouse, a native of the American West that many environmentalists say is being threatened with extinction. “The announcement may stave off a possible Interior Department declaration by October that the finicky chickenlike bird known for its… Keep reading →

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant

  Extreme cold weather has had a tight grip on much of the Northern U.S. this winter.  Boston recently saw its lowest temperature since 2004 and New York City had its coldest February morning in nearly three decades.  As millions of Americans endure these cold temperatures, the importance of electricity for heating our homes and… Keep reading →

The North Anna, Virgina, #1 and #2 nucle

One of the most common flaws of risk analysis is a lack of understanding and consideration of time, or more simply, timing. Time waits for no one. We always understood this concept, but could never quite prove it scientifically until the 19th century. It was mankind’s desire to travel greater distances at greater speeds, and… Keep reading →


Quick Take: Need more ammunition to convince ratepayers and regulators that it’s time to modernize? Need more statistics and examples of just how bad things have gotten in the U.S.? Read “A Smarter Power Grid for U.S. Utilities” from Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Brief abstract below. – Jesse Berst Power outages in the United States are up… Keep reading →

Secretary Of Defense Chuck Hagel Speaks On Sexual Assault Prevention In The Military

The US military consumed 90 million barrels of oil last year which cost $15 billion, and military fuel consumption is expected to increase with the adoption of the F-35 combat aircraft, the Littoral Combat Ship, and the KC-46A tanker aircraft, that “will all consume more fuel than the platforms they will replace.” As a result,… Keep reading →

Harlem Globetrotters Tour 100th Floor Of One World Trade Center

New York City’s government found out just how complex the challenges to its resilience can become when Superstorm Sandy hit in late 2012, as lives, homes and power supply were lost and the scale of not just recovering but preparing for future challenges in the largest US city became evident. While the work to fix… Keep reading →

Verizon Tests Flood Wall Around Its Building In Lower Manhattan

Without power, the wheels of a city’s economy would quickly grind to a halt. Reliable energy underpins every aspect of modern business, and yet we see its full importance only when things go wrong. When Hurricane Sandy’s flood waters reached New York City in 2012, first responders, citizens and businesses alike faced the challenges of… Keep reading →

Drones Opperated At Holloman Air Force Base

Domestic military installations require reliable energy sources that can power their operations 24-hours per day under all circumstances. Mission assurance, cost savings and mandated energy saving initiatives are driving the Department of Defense to deploy new energy technology with the help of innovative financing mechanisms. The three main military branches each have a goal of… Keep reading →

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