Plug-in Hybrid

Ben Tesla

It was finally time to prove the concept.  If you can drive your electric vehicle (EV) not just around the corner, but also a thousand miles down the highway to south Florida in one day, then I think you’ve proven you really don’t need petroleum any more.  Here’s how it went.  (Well, you may not… Keep reading →

Toyota Announces Prius Recall Due To Brake Issue

Most consumers have pre-conceived notions about hybrid cars. They think they’re expensive go-carts driven by smug vegans on their way to Whole Foods. However, hybrid cars are starting to evolve. They’re becoming faster, cheaper, and more stylish. Let’s debunk a few myths in hopes of improving their reputation. Myth #1: Hybrid Cars Don’t Have the… Keep reading →


With electric vehicle sales on the rise, many auto makers are looking for the next advance in the technology. The electric vehicle removes dependence on gasoline but the concept car announced by Ford last week removes the vehicle’s dependence on anything but the sun. The C-MAX Solar Energi concept car is a solar-powered hybrid vehicle that… Keep reading →

Pick-Up Trucks Drive Ford Sales Up 12 Percent In August

A good deal of talk about fuel efficiency of late has focused on alternative fuel engine technologies, and new fuel efficiency standards will require that auto manufacturers use innovative technology to increase fuel efficiency across their models. Ford has recently announced that sales of its F-150 EcoBoost trucks have surpassed 400,000 since the model’s roll-out… Keep reading →


Sustainable infrastructure designer and developer Envision Solar International began a two-week trail of its EV ARC solar electric vehicle charging station yesterday at San Diego International Airport. The charging station is mobile, fully autonomous, and available for use free of charge for plug-in hybrids and EVs. There is a one-hour time limit during the trial… Keep reading →

"EV Japan" Electric Vehicle Expo 2011 Kicks-Off

In a new white paper on EVs, SoCal Edison reports that it encountered fewer grid problems than expected, though certain challenges remain.   For years, we’ve heard the warnings that plug-in electric vehicles could overload power grids, disrupt utility business models, and leave their owners stranded at the side of the road with no charging… Keep reading →