PJM Interconnect

Residents and businesses in the 13-state region covered by PJM Interconnect have now installed more than a gigawatt of solar power, enough to power between 800,000 and 1 million homes, and more than doubled solar capacity last year, the grid operator said.

The milestone, announced in mid-May, continues the trend of solar growth in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic territory in the last two years, and reflects a range of incentives offered by states that are striving to reach renewable-energy goals. Keep reading →

Power utilities are beginning to focus more attention on transmission as the aging system tries to keep up with increasing renewable energy generation as well forecasts for increased overall demand for electricity.

Giant power company American Electric Power announced last week that it was restructuring some of its executive leadership to reflect a renewed commitment to transmission projects both within and outside its power generation region. Among the changes, AEP’s SVP of Transmission, Michael Heyeck, will also become president of Electric Transmission America, a joint venture of AEP and MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, effective January 1, 2012. Keep reading →

Imagine that significant amounts of extra power could be stored for later use in your home. Now imagine that you can store it in a battery in your very own electric vehicle.

This PJM video highlights the transmission grid operator’s newest MAGICC car initiative, the Mid-Atlantic Grid Interactive Car Consortium. It lays out a a vision for a system that stores energy and then pulls it from batteries when demand fluctuates and potentially spikes. Keep reading →

Wind turbines could be out in the middle of the ocean producing electricity and no one on shore would know.

Offshore wind turbines can be placed “beyond visual range,” according to Google’s Director of Green Business, Rick Needham, who is featured in this video. He says turbines farther out at sea can also capture stronger winds. Keep reading →