East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy

Cleantech is one of those words that traditionalists love to hate, and that self-described change advocates love to drop into conversation. Neither is entirely certain what it means, which is both the challenge and the promise of a sector that is just emerging into public consciousness and yet is rooted in long-standing practices of efficiency… Keep reading →

A private-equity firm, a wind energy developer, a state funding program, an agricultural community leader and a group of university administrators have all been part of the story behind a 30 MW utility-scale wind farm going up in three townships in rural Pennsylvania.

Patton Wind Farm plans to sell power into the merchant market, Brooklyn-based developer OwnEnergy said in announcing today the sale of the project to European private equity firm Terra Firma’s EverPower Wind Holding subsidiary. The project already has an interconnection with local electricity market operator PJM Interconnection. Keep reading →