Oil Spill Cleanup

Monarch Butterflies

Some of technology’s most elegant solutions come from emulating Mother Nature. One of the latest examples involves using the unique characteristics of milkweed fiber to engineer cost-effective absorbent tubes used for cleaning oil spills. And there’s an added environmental benefit from growing industrial milkweed crops – saving monarch butterflies. Milkweed has long been considered a… Keep reading →

Extreme Weather Sends Beef Prices To Record Highs

The quote is in reference to cows of course. Apparently a cow was blamed for causing a condensate spill at a production facility in North Dakota. The alleged perpetrater could have been or curious or “had an itch that needed scratching,” according to an Associated Press story running in local papers. “They just get rubbing… Keep reading →

50000 Sardines Swimming New Tank Launched At Aquarium In Yokohama

The Deepwater Horizon spill captured the attention of the American public with images of sea birds covered in oil slick and floating masses of crude on the surface of the ocean. But what has yet to be addressed is the impact of the oil spill on the sea floor. Paul Montagna and a team of… Keep reading →

Over two years later, the Gulf Coast is still struggling to recover from the 2010 BP oil spill. Perhaps the only silver lining to this deadly event was the fact that it revealed to the world just how unprepared oil companies are to prevent, contain, and clean up offshore spills. Faced with this ugly truth, scientists and inventors have been working to advance spill clean up technologies, so that the next time a spill occurs (and there will be a next time) we have something better than boom and dispersant to throw at it.

MIT has lead the charge in this quest for new clean up technologies. Just months after the BP oil spill began, they unveiled the Seaswarm–an autonomous robot that can navigate the surface of the ocean to collect surface oil and process it on site. Now, they’ve come up with an even simpler solution: a method for separating oil from water using magnets. Keep reading →