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President Obama Speaks At Southern Site Of The Keystone Oil Pipeline

Supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline have been frustrated if not furious at what they see as unnecessary delays by President Barack Obama in deciding the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline. And by now, it appears, opponents of the pipeline are getting antsy too. As Bloomberg News reports, this is a bit of a… Keep reading →

EPA Chief Gina McCarthy Discusses Administration's Climate Action Plan

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy commented Monday that construction of the Keystone XL pipeline would not spell doom for the planet. McCarthy was asked about the climate impact of Keystone XL at an event hosted by Politico’s Mike Allen. “No, I don’t think that any one issue is a disaster for the climate… nor do I… Keep reading →

Activists Demonstrate Against Keystone Pipeline Proposal

President Obama has used increasingly negative rhetoric in recent months when discussing the Keystone XL pipeline. The President’s remarks have left most observers with the impression that he will reject the controversial pipeline’s permit and cancel the project once and for all. In December, the President said that the pipeline may be “good for the… Keep reading →

President Obama Speaks At Southern Site Of The Keystone Oil Pipeline

While some are thoroughly tired of the Keystone XL pipeline saga, it has also become one of those spectacles that’s hard to turn away from. At this point it must be one of the most famous US energy projects of all time – up there with the Trans-Alaska Pipeline – and it might never even get… Keep reading →

Senate Democrats Push For Amendments To Keystone XL Pipeline Legislation

The EPA has added fuel to the fire in the debate over Keystone XL. The EPA filed new comments with the State Department that could give the White House additional cover to deny approval of the controversial project. The EPA said that the recent drop in oil prices could mean that construction of the pipeline… Keep reading →

House Votes On Full Passage Of Keystone Pipeline

Today was a big day in Keystone XL news, with the House voting to approve a pipeline construction bill – the president already said he would veto – and the Nebraska Supreme Court mostly blessing the controversial oil transport project. But a final decision could still be months away as two separate processes continue to… Keep reading →

Senate Republicans Mark Anniversary Of Plan For Keystone XL Pipeline

It appears there is a possibility that President Obama could veto congressional legislation that pushes for Keystone XL pipeline construction, but ultimately approve the project anyway. This is because a key piece of the puzzle is a Nebraska Supreme Court decision. “If Nebraska were to bless a pipeline route, the State Department could finish its… Keep reading →


  Long viewed as a more expensive short-term solution to pipelines, it appears transporting crude oil via rail is likely to continue in conjunction with pipeline infrastructure. As North American oil production crept steadily higher over the past several years, the output surge overwhelmed existing pipelines and producers turned to railroads to move their product.… Keep reading →

oil storage Netherlands

Record setting US oil production growth is altering physical oil flows, flipping supply-demand fundamentals and leaving market observers searching for tools that can provide insight into these new price formation elements. Pipeline reversals and infrastructure expansion along the Gulf has debottlenecked the Cushing, Oklahoma storage hub, which has redrawn traditional oil grade basis differentials. Energy market… Keep reading →

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

The 525,000 barrel per day pipeline designed to transport diluted bitumen from Northern Alberta’s oil sands development projects to the Pacific Coast in Kitimat, British Columbia received federal government approval after the markets closed yesterday. There are many hurdles yet to negotiate before Enbridge – the pipeline company proposing the project – can reach a… Keep reading →

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