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Domestic Oil And Gas Production

Here’s the first of a series of posts sparked by speeches and presentations at this week’s U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) energy conference. U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz set the tone for EIA’s event, noting that the U.S. faces a set of energy challenges, vulnerabilities and opportunities. At the heart of the discussion: America’s energy… Keep reading →


Merry go round. Credit Shutterstock According to research by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft Koeln) energy imports should not be “understood as a threat to the security of energy supply and an economic disadvantage” per se. The study – “Does Dependency Equal Vulnerability? Energy Imports in Germany and Europe” commissioned… Keep reading →

Distributor Offloads Oil From Barge

The US energy production renaissance is having a profound impact on the country’s supply/demand fundamentals, rewriting the script with regard to crude oil imports and petroleum product exports. The EIA’s latest Short-Term Energy Outlook details numerous ways in which the US energy profile is evolving. “U.S. crude oil production averaged an estimated 8.3 million barrels… Keep reading →

Louisiana Oil Industry Recovers From Katrina Devastation

Russia’s Gazprom twice increased natural gas prices charged to its Ukrainian counterpart last week. The initial increase was largely expected, as it represented the removal of a discount offered in conjunction with financial assistance – ie loans – from the Russian government. However, after violent protests led Ukraine’s Russian-leaning president to leave office, Russia rescinded… Keep reading →

President Obama Meets With Saudi Arabian King Abdullah

President Obama’s meeting with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah tomorrow is expected to largely focus on Iran, but other topics are likely to include Egypt, Syria and of course the US-Saudi strategic partnership. US-Saudi relations have been tumultuous of late – making this meeting especially important – due to disagreements over US-Iranian negotiations, the lack of… Keep reading →

Gasoline Prices Spike As Crude Oil Prices Surge

This question has been dissected in many ways by analysts, politicians, business leaders and countless other stakeholders, with numerous conclusions drawn. Clearly the term “energy independence” can be defined many ways. In terms of power generation, the country already is energy independent. But US petroleum import volumes usually lie at the heart of this question… Keep reading →

Grangemouth Petrochemical Plant  Saved From Closure

As the US tight oil and gas boom continues, reliance on Canadian crude oil and gas softens. Robust US production also sparked a vibrant export discussion, which could eventually see Canadian and US companies competing for customers and market share. “The protracted controversy over the Keystone XL Pipeline project has focused a great deal of… Keep reading →

London Zoo Conduct Their Annual Animal Stocktake

Leave it to good old T. Boone Pickens to compare frog boiling with the US-Opec strategic relationship. Pickens today posted a piece on LinkedIn promoting his ‘Pickens Plan’ – a multi-pronged approach to eliminating US oil imports – that harkened back to President Nixon’s promise of US energy independence. In 1973, President Nixon said: “Let… Keep reading →

Iran Stops International Inspections Of  Nuclear Facilities

The House passed the 2013 Nuclear Iran Prevention Act by a 400-20 vote facilitating broader economic sanctions and increased oversight for enforcing existing Iran sanctions. On July 31, 2013, the House of Representatives passed the 2013 Nuclear Iran Prevention Act (H.R. 850) aimed to impose tougher sanctions against Iran’s petroleum sector and other industries, in… Keep reading →

Prices Help Drive Increase of Midwest Oil Exploration

It sounds counterintuitive, but Texas’ energy boom its taxing its energy capacity. “Many municipalities and businesses are bracing for big surcharges this year, after having been hit hard last summer, as energy use by oil drilling and production equipment outpaces the capacity of the region’s power grid.” [Wall Street Journal] India’s oil imports from Iran… Keep reading →

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