Oil & Gas Production

oil train

Industry stakeholders call for streamlined rail and pipeline permitting to sustain market impacts from oil and gas production when prices are low. Enhanced oil and natural gas transportation and storage infrastructure is needed to ensure the domestic energy revolution is sustained in the current period of low prices. Streamlining infrastructure permitting processes would aid investor… Keep reading →

President Obama Speaks At Southern Site Of The Keystone Oil Pipeline

This scathing editorial shreds Washington’s energy policy record going back to the Carter administration and calls out President Obama for claiming in the State of the Union address that his administration’s policies were responsible for currently booming oil & gas production. [Forbes] Natural gas is being diverted to domestic grids in Egypt and next year… Keep reading →

Real Salt Lake v Philadelphia Union

The oil and gas industry often bemoans the inefficiencies, permitting delays and duplicated efforts it says result from overlapping regulations at local, state and federal levels. Energy companies are now getting some help addressing this issue from 10 US state governors – who preside over the lion’s share of US oil and gas production –… Keep reading →