Oil Futures

CO2 400ppm

The monthly global average concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere surpassed 400 parts per million in March for the first time since record keeping began. “This marks the fact that humans burning fossil fuels have caused global carbon dioxide concentrations to rise more than 120 parts per million since pre-industrial times,” added Tans. “Half of… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

The US oil market has been moving on cold weather and the Keystone Pipeline’s southern leg activation, which is alleviating the glut of crude at the Cushing, Oklahoma storage hub. While most of the attention has been on whether President Obama will green light the northern portion of the pipeline, the southern portion was constructed… Keep reading →

Animal Sanctuary Rescues And Shelters Abused And Abandoned Wildlife

Hedge funds are pulling out of bets that crude oil prices will rise in the short to medium term. With the market currently well supplied, investors are increasingly taking futures and options positions that could be profitable if oil prices decline further. “Money managers cut net-long positions, or wagers on rising prices, for benchmark West… Keep reading →

Bilateral Meeting Between Foreign Ministers of UK and Iran

The International Energy Agency’s December Oil Market Report considers the market reaction to last month’s interim agreement signed by Iran and the P5+1 nations. The OECD oil market watchdog says the oil market mostly took the deal in stride and numerous other factors are exerting greater pressure on oil price behavior than the six-month agreement… Keep reading →

CME Group Titleholders - Round One

The CME Group, which holds a dominant position facilitating US futures trading in everything from interest rates to energy, recently increased its transaction fees for the first time in 4 years. The CME Group says the fee increases are necessary to fund additional resources and technology driven by electronic trading growth, but some claim the company… Keep reading →

Oil Drops To $96 A Barrel As Energy Prices Decline 1.4 Percent In April

Crude has had an incredible run over the past two weeks. But I’d think twice before hopping aboard this speeding train. At today’s highs, August crude oil futures was up more than 12 percent in two and a half weeks. It would be easy to attribute this rally to tensions in Egypt, but that would… Keep reading →