Oil Fields

Major Drought Impacts California Flower Industry

The engineers and scientists who study the oil and gas industry’s wastewater know the term “beneficial reuse” well. It’s the seldom-used technique of taking wastewater produced from an oil or gas well, treating it, and then using it for other purposes — like watering crops (including organic crops) or feeding livestock.  It’s a rare practice… Keep reading →

An Iranian war-boat fires a missile duri

Defending the Assad regime has given Tehran multiple options for expanding its influence and projecting power in the region and beyond. The Syrian civil war is transforming regional geopolitics, and one of its most dramatic effects is Iran’s seemingly expanding foothold in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant. While it is too early to know… Keep reading →

Drone Photography Raises Questions About Privacy And Safety

With an almost eagle-eye-view of the Rocky Mountains from his office in Denver, Robert Attai advises clients on the emerging field of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), otherwise known as drones. A partner in the law firm of Husch Blackwell, his clients sometime seek advice after acquiring a smaller firm that is using UAS in their… Keep reading →