Oil by Rail


  Long viewed as a more expensive short-term solution to pipelines, it appears transporting crude oil via rail is likely to continue in conjunction with pipeline infrastructure. As North American oil production crept steadily higher over the past several years, the output surge overwhelmed existing pipelines and producers turned to railroads to move their product.… Keep reading →

U.S. House Members Leave For Summer Recess

High Gas Prices Prompt Bush's Decision To Lift Ban On Offshore Oil Drilling

Crude oil transportation in the US ballooned to 1 million barrels per day in recent years as production swelled beyond existing pipeline infrastructure capacity. A series of explosive accidents involving crude oil train cars has sparked regulators to strengthen rules and safety measures governing these pipelines on wheels. “Tens of thousands of these older tank… Keep reading →

Bundestag Votes On Minimum Wage Law

Germany is drafting strict anti-fracking regulations, but fracking opponents say the current plan doesn’t go far enough, citing loopholes regarding depth and fracking fluid chemistry. “Although the proposed policy has the protection of public health and drinking water as its highest priority, the fracking ban only applies at a depth shallower than 3000 meters. Additionally,… Keep reading →

High Gas Prices Prompt Bush's Decision To Lift Ban On Offshore Oil Drilling

According to recent rail industry reports, US freight railroads are estimated to have carried 434,000 carloads of crude oil in the past year. Though oil-by-rail has proven its benefits relating to the efficient transport of oil from upstream to downstream, it has raised significant concerns regarding transportation safety and its environmental impacts. Due to recent… Keep reading →

2014 Paralympic Winter Games - Closing Ceremony

Some banks are sticking it out in commodities as several others exit the business amid onerous regulations and decreasing profitability. The banks that stick around – including Goldman Sachs – face less competition. [Bloomberg] Putin feels emboldened by the fact that major western oil companies remain committed to Russia despite the current souring of relations… Keep reading →