Oil Boom

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

A few years ago, the oil boom brought jobs, workers and money to Williston, N.D. But the influx of young men also brought a rise in crimes like prostitution, drug trafficking, theft, and even murder. The town’s two strip clubs — Whispers and Heartbreakers — stand closed after police were called 189 times in under… Keep reading →

In Wyoming, Neglected Orphan Wells May Soon Get Support

Erin Brockovich Alledges Urban Oil Cancer Danger

Business is booming right now for the American oil and gas industry, which has fueled economic growth in major oil and gas producing states, including Wyoming. But what will happen when the music stops? When the boom cools – as booms inevitably do ­­­– will states be left holding the bag? Too often, that has… Keep reading →

A worker of state oil company Pertamina

Take assertions that the ongoing global oil boom will bring down global crude prices with a grain of salt. With the marginal cost of crude close to $100 per barrel – so says Bernstein Research – any sustained drop far below that level will prompt drillers to rein in activity until prices rise again. [Quartz]… Keep reading →