Obama Legacy

New EPA Regulation To Cut Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants In US

The EPA has proposed to replace the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan with the Affordable Clean Energy Rule

Currents: Energy Industry Insights September 2018 #2

Obama's New Proposed Regulations On Coal Energy Production Met With Ire Through Kentucky's Coal Country

As Storm Looms, 4th Circuit Reverses Ruling Against Dominion on Coal Ash Pollution at Chesapeake Site

Renewable Energy Update: August 2018 #4

New EPA Regulation To Cut Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants In US

Since the Obama administration introduced the CPP in 2015, it has faced significant challenges

Anniversary Of Nuclear Disaster At Three Mile Island Marked Near The Site

On August 21, 2018, the EPA released a prepublication copy of its proposed Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule

EPA Lays Down ACE: What’s In The Trump Administration’s Clean Energy Rule?

New EPA Regulation To Cut Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants In US

The EPA released the long-awaited proposed rule to replace the Obama-era Clean Power Plan

The Affordable Clean Energy Rule

The EPA Proposes Stricter Standards For Smog Limit

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has just issued its proposed rule to replace the Clean Power Plan

Currents: Energy Industry Insights – May 2018 #5

The US flag flies at half-staff above th

In an Internal Memo, the White House Considered Whether to Simply ‘Ignore’ Federal Climate Research

EPA Proposes New Limits On Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants

The EPA has been ordered to respond to a petition by Connecticut under § 126(b) of the Clean Air Act.

What To Expect In Environmental Regulation For 2018

Climate Protection - Photo Illustrations

Deregulation was one of the primary promises of President Trump’s campaign, and the administration has been keeping that promise, particularly as it relates to environmental regulations.

Trump Administration Rolls Back Climate Change Initiatives

President Trump

As expected, the Trump administration has been actively engaged in efforts to reverse the federal government’s regulatory direction with respect to climate change.

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