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Wind Power Plant In Xinjiang

Ten years ago, one could find almost all the Nike shoes labeled as “made-in-China”, but today the word “China” is replaced by “Vietnam”. China is going through immense transitions. Its competitive advantage of cheap labor is gone. Its investment is slowing down to the extent that the export sector hit a record low in the… Keep reading →


Continued low oil prices keep the leaders of many oil-producing states awake at night, but few feel the pressure as keenly as Nigerian authorities. Dienzani Alison-Madueke, Nigeria’s oil minister and current OPEC president, pled for an emergency meeting to discuss oil production cuts last month. Though such a meeting is unlikely to occur, Alison-Madueke’s proposed… Keep reading →

Space Station Crew Captures Image Of London At Night

Only six years ago humanity crossed a remarkable threshold: more than half of us live in cities for the first time in history. According to United Nations statistic, fifty years ago it was 30% and a century ago it was 10%. Urbanization as the central framework for human experience and work has been driven by… Keep reading →