North Caspian Operating Company

Kazakhstan Oil Industry Is Booming

The hits keep on coming for companies invested in the North Caspian Operating Company, the consortium developing Kazakhstan’s giant Kashagan oil field. One of the world’s largest and most complex oil field development projects, Kashagan has been plagued by delays and cost overruns for years. The project briefly came on stream late last year only… Keep reading →

Azerbaijan Oil Industry

  The giant Kashagan oil field development project offshore Kazakhstan’s territorial Caspian Sea will be shut down for at least two more years, according to Quartz. Already woefully overdue and over budget, the project being developed by a consortium that includes some of the world’s largest international oil companies must now construct new pipelines that… Keep reading →

Accounting firm Ernst & Young released its Oil & Gas Center’s quarterly outlook this week highlighting the major trends expected in various petroleum industry sectors over the near term. It’s done on a quarterly basis and provides an overall view of main themes to be watching. It is primarily generated as an internal document, “so everyone knows what’s going on and highlights are sent to clients,” Foster Mellen, Senior Analyst with Ernst &Young’s Oil & Gas Practice told Breaking Energy.

Some points of interest include the long-overdue startup of Kazakhstan’s giant Kashagan field and how companies may cope with US natural gas prices that have persistently remained below historical norms. Keep reading →