Non-associated Gas

Bureau Of Engraving And Printing Prints New Anti-Counterfeit 100 Dollar Bills

Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company plans to invest $40 billion over the next decade to maintain oil production capacity at 12 million barrels per day, while doubling natural gas output. The Kingdom faces a dilemma with much of its associated gas already being consumed by the oil sector for enhanced recovery, the power generation sector… Keep reading →

Life In One Of South Africas Oldest Townships

Many in developed economies often think and speak about Africa in a one size fits all context, and of course nothing could be further from the truth. The vast continent is a diverse tapestry of sovereign nations with varied geography, demographics, religions and energy-related challenges. One challenge many countries share with regard to energy, however,… Keep reading →

Arrival of Heads of Delegations for G20 Leaders Summit

Domestic Saudi Arabian oil consumption increasingly cuts into oil exports, reducing the valuable revenue those exported barrels provide, which funds the country’s current account surplus. Subsidized domestic prices incentivize direct burning crude to generate power needed to cool a growing Saudi population. As the Kingdom shifts more to natural gas for power generation – freeing… Keep reading →

Oil Prices Rise As BP Shuts Pipeline

The future of Alaska’s abundant natural gas reserves has hung in the balance for decades, with much disagreement over how to maximize value for the disparate stakeholders and minimize negative environmental impacts associated with developing the gas. However, the US energy picture has been radically redrawn in recent years, finally putting a potential solution within… Keep reading →