Nissan Leaf

Electric Car Maker Tesla Opens Store In Miami Mall

I recently took delivery of my Tesla Model S, and it brings me back to a time when the word ‘electric’ stood for cool, as in electric fantastic, electric banana, electric kool-aid.  So last month, I decided to hit the electric highway, and try out smoke-free driving from Washington through New England and back.  Family… Keep reading →

Car Makers From Around The World Exhibit At Los Angeles Auto Show

Honda, in an attempt to keep its Fit EV electric cars in the eyes of consumers mostly looking at the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt, has dropped the price of the monthly lease. The drop, which was effective at the beginning of June, lowered for new and existing leases from $389 to $259. The new three year… Keep reading →

Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid car with mod

Somewhere today – probably in Portland, San Francisco or Seattle or some place like that – the 100,000th plug-in electric vehicle was sold in the United States. That’s the estimate from the EV advocacy group Plug In America, which as of early this afternoon put the number at 100,115 and counting. The group says it bases its number on monthly… Keep reading →

The interior of the General Motors Detroit Hamtramck Assembly Plant is shown October 11, 2011 in Hamtramck, Michigan. Officials from the White House Council on Environmental Quality and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration toured the plant today to highlight the Obama administrations fuel economy standards.

Electric vehicle manufacturers and advocates are facing questions from an increasingly interested US public about how the cars work and whether they can meet conventional driving needs. Keep reading →