Natural Resources

Domestic Oil And Gas Production

Health, safety, and security are key concerns for all stakeholders operating in the energy and natural resources sector

Coal Plant Shutdowns: The Tax Appeal Should Not Wait

Obama's New Proposed Regulations On Coal Energy Production Met With Ire Through Kentucky's Coal Country

Nothing is certain except death and taxes, unless you own a coal-fired power plant with a shutdown in its future.

British Government Signs A Deal For New Nuclear Power Plant

The collection of applicable laws, rules, orders, guidance documents, environmental reviews, permits, approvals, and administrative processes create a challenge for parties looking to develop mineral resources.

A large excavator loads a truck with oil

Many businesses undoubtedly will be affected by the raging wildfires in Canada’s oil-rich Alberta province.


Farmers have long understood the need to care for our air, land and water. They know that farms are more productive and efficient when they’re properly cared for. Protecting natural resources protects their bottom lines and may be able to improve them as well. Farmers are always looking for ways to make a living and… Keep reading →

Kansas vs Oklahoma State

On Friday, we reported that a law dean resigned from his post because the university was not providing the law school enough resources. We mentioned that there were some rumblings that the university president was more concerned with making the law school a bastion for fringe political theories instead of simply providing a quality legal education. Our… Keep reading →

A picture taken from a helicopter shows

The ongoing boom in energy and industry infrastructure around the world, and the high price tags of many of these projects, have created a niche for entities like Siemens Financial Services, which can serve as a specialized financial intermediary for getting projects funded and built. Siemens Financial Services is the finance arm of technology and… Keep reading →