Natural Gas Drilling

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

The American Petroleum Institute organized a tour of natural gas drilling operations and newly-created educational opportunities in southeastern Pennsylvania Monday. Prolific Marcellus shale development is driving a need for skilled workers in a region struggling with high unemployment rates. “About 6.8 percent of Philadelphians are unemployed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics… Keep reading →


Natural gas production from the Marcellus shale formation – primarily from West Virginia and Pennsylvania – exceeded 15 billion cubic feet per day through July, equivalent to 21% of total 2013 US marketed gas production. With the rig count essentially stable, increases in drilling productivity are driving output growth. “…production from new wells is more… Keep reading →

Anti-fracking Protest Camp At Barton Moss

You can’t un-ring that bell, but Total CEO Christophe de Margerie laments the fact “hydraulic fracturing” became the widely accepted terminology for the controversial well completion technology. De Margerie’s dissatisfaction with the term appears to stem from a belief that it sounds overly complex and scares the general public. The French oil major’s chief made… Keep reading →

Surging Oil Industry Brings Opportunity To Rural California

The Wattenberg field is not a new shale play you are just hearing about, it’s produced 2.8 Tcf of gas since its discovery in 1970 and much of that output was made possible by hydraulic fracturing. This Forbes piece argues fracking is not new or untested, as many opponents claim, and the practice has been… Keep reading →

Blackpool's Shale Gas Drilling Begins

You’ve probably heard that the United States is experiencing an unprecedented energy boom that is transforming our economy, enhancing our energy security, and creating a manufacturing renaissance — all thanks to hydraulic fracturing and the development of America’s massive oil and natural gas resources. But what you probably haven’t heard is that shale development has… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

This November, committees in Colorado and Massachusetts moved closer to banning hydraulic fracturing in all or parts of their states. These moves have coincided with a 3.6 magnitude earthquake in Northern Texas, the most powerful in five years and one of a startling 16 in the area during the month. The safety of fracking has… Keep reading →

Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Five

Chesapeake Energy – one of the largest US independent natural gas producers – continues restructuring in the wake of founder, chairman and CEO Aubrey McClendon’s departure. The company just let go 4 top executives, including the COO, EVP of production, SVP of drilling and SVP of human and corporate resources. “Termination without cause would provide… Keep reading →

BP Blow Out Preventer From The Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Recovered

An offshore natural gas well blew out yesterday in the Gulf of Mexico about 150 miles south of the Louisiana coast. All personnel were safely evacuated and no injuries were reported. Environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council took the opportunity to comment on risk associated with petroleum development and suggested that risk is too great… Keep reading →