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Views of the Cuadrilla Fracking Site At Balcombe

Natural gas’s environmental impact can be viewed in a positive light as a lower-emitting power generation source than coal or petroleum derivatives, or in a negative light as a source of methane emissions and driver of drilling activity. The University of Texas at Austin, in collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund and nine natural gas… Keep reading →

Joplin, Missouri Reels After F5 Tornado Devastates Town, Kills 132

East Coast utilities are making big grid investments to prep for a hot and stormy 2013. Fresh on the heels of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction last year, East Coast utilities are girding their grids for future storms, including a 2013 hurricane season that’s shaping up to be a tough one, according to the latest forecasts. That spending… Keep reading →

Coal Shortage Causes Short Supply of Power in China

Clean energy progress is too slow, says IEA Progress on research, developing and deploying clean energy technologies “has not been fast enough”, said the International Energy Agency in its Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2013 report. The report blames large market failures that have prevented adoption of clean energy solutions, failure to tap potential for energy… Keep reading →