National Ignition Facility

kids at NIF during MBK

At the Department of Energy we are constantly looking for new ideas and creative solutions to combat some of our world’s biggest issues: nuclear security, climate change and energy security, to name a few. These challenges can only be met if we have all hands on deck with a diverse workforce from all different backgrounds… Keep reading →

Construction Continues On Wendelstein 7-X Reactor

There is still a very long way to go before a commercial reactor is built, but scientists at the National Ignition Facility succeeded in creating a reaction in which more energy came out than went in. “The real significance of this is, we’re now matching our models, we have our feet back on the ground… Keep reading →


Both! The National Ignition Facility (NIF) is a large research device located at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The NIF uses powerful lasers to heat and compress hydrogen fuel to the point where nuclear fusion reactions take place. It is currently the largest and most energetic inertial confinement fusion device in the world. Researchers use the… Keep reading →


This article is part of the series highlighting the “Top Things You Didn’t Know About…” Be sure to check back for more entries soon. Located east of the San Francisco Bay Area, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory(LLNL) is one of three National Laboratories overseen by the Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration. Founded as a branch of the… Keep reading →