Nansen Saleri

Foreign firms, hungry to cash in on the American energy boom, have invested nearly $6 billion in U.S. gas and oil drilling in the last few weeks. Energy giants from China, France and Spain have snapped up stakes in fields in Ohio, Mississippi, Colorado and Michigan. These investments will likely add to the recent boom in U.S. natural gas production, pushing already low natural gas prices even lower. Low domestic prices could drive natural gas producers to seek out European and Asian markets, according to analysts, where the fuel commands three or four times the price. “Of course that will” lead to more exports, said Nansen Saleri, president of the oil field consulting firm Quantum Reservoir Impact. “And it will be a tremendous opportunity.”

Handling the pace of change technologies have wrought on the energy sector is a major challenge for the industry, but one of the industry’s leading technology and engineering experts has an unexpected solution: Stop worrying about the wrong things.

Dr. Nansen Saleri oversaw one of the greatest engineering and operational feats of the last century as head of Reservoir Management at Saudi Aramco, where he built on decades of experience to bring the company’s extraction standards to more than twice the industry norm and set the stage for an energy present that is far more stable than it might have been without those advances. Having garnered the industry’s attention and respect for his work in Saudi Arabia, Saleri helped found and became CEO of Houston-based Quantum Reservoir Impact, a fast-growing consultancy helping oil companies access more of their subsurface resources with new technologies. Keep reading →