Renault Presents Cannes Film Festival Official Car 'Latitude'

Christophe de Margerie, CEO of major French oil company Total, was killed Monday night when his corporate jet crashed into a snow removal vehicle on the runway of an airport near Moscow. The company reportedly has no succession plant in place, but has strong corporate governance led by a long-standing board of directors. “Barclays France… Keep reading →

Europe Fears Cuts In Natural Gas From Russia

Russian, Ukrainian and EU leadership meet tomorrow with the goal of finalizing a natural gas supply agreement as cold winter weather looms. Russia suspended gas shipments to Ukraine in June due to disagreements over price going forward and over $5 billion of unpaid bills for gas already delivered. Ukraine’s state gas company faces financial challenges… Keep reading →

Russian Gas Supplies Through Ukraine Turned Off

Moscow and Beijing have danced around a natural gas supply deal for over a decade, with price being the major sticking point, but the current dust up with Europe over Ukraine could finally open the door to price conciliation. “Conversely, on the Russian side, Gazprom might finally sign a natural gas supply deal with China,… Keep reading →

Russia's gas giant Gazprom chairman and

This first of three articles on how Gazprom is attempting to revamp its natural gas export strategy in Europe reviews Germany’s central role in this endeavor with specific focus on the traditional role of underground gas storage facilities. Germany is the second largest natural gas consumer in the EU, closely trailing the United Kingdom. Moreover,… Keep reading →

Houston Scenics

Well it’s not quite that dramatic, but Houston was passed over as host of the 2017 World Petroleum Congress in favor of Istanbul, Turkey. The Texas energy capital hosted the event in 1987 and nearly won the honors for the 2014 event, narrowly losing out to Moscow. [Houston Business Journal] Eni drilled a successful appraisal… Keep reading →

Greenpeace Blockades Faslane Naval Base

Activists across the world rally to support 30 Greenpeace protesters detained in Russia after sailing toward a Barents Sea oil drilling operation. The incident blew up into a geopolitical game of chicken between Moscow and several Western countries native to the jailed activists. [Agence France Presse] Energy Intelligence ranked the world’s top 100 greenest utilities… Keep reading →