Middle East Security

Iraq Security Forces Conduct Operations in Lead-up to US Drawdown

Jerusalem seeks to mitigate the potential risks of the president’s decision by shaping its implementation and obtaining U.S. security guarantees, though long-term concerns still loom. Israeli officials have been careful not to publicly criticize President Trump’s recent announcement that all U.S. military forces will be pulled out of Syria. Below the surface, however, they have… Keep reading →

Biofuel U.S. Navy Warplane Makes Successful Flight

Despite growing interest and investment, countering unmanned aircraft remains a significant challenge given the nature of the threat, the rapid evolution of drone technology, and the dynamic nature of modern warfare. This PolicyWatch is adapted from the author’s February 2018 monograph “Counter-Drone Systems.” The full report can be accessed here. Drones are operated by numerous state… Keep reading →

Iraq Security Forces Conduct Operations in Lead-up to US Drawdown

The imminent polls will not alter the power structure of the strategically positioned Gulf state, but they could affect its simmering Shia unrest and wider regional politics. On November 24, Bahraini men and women will go to the polls to choose who will represent them in the forty-seat National Assembly for the next four years.… Keep reading →

Unrest Grows After Court Upholds Death Sentences For 21 Convicted Port Said Football Rioters

Two experts discuss how Washington can balance its sometimes conflicting interests in Egyptian security and human rights. On October 31, Barak Barfi and Michele Dunne addressed a Policy Forum at The Washington Institute. Barfi is a research fellow at the New America Foundation and author of the recent Institute study Egypt’s New Realism: Challenges Under Sisi.… Keep reading →

OPEC Ministers Attend Conference In Iran

Khamenei’s latest guidelines for Iranian culture and governance focus on resisting any efforts to reform the regime’s decisionmaking tendencies. On October 14, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei released a draft of the “Islamic-Iranian Blueprint for Progress,” a document that outlines his vision for the next half century. The final version of this blueprint is not expected… Keep reading →

Currents Energy Industry Insights: September 2018 #4

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

Oil market attention was focused on an OPEC meeting in Algeria this weekend, but it was Saturday’s terrorist attack in an oil-rich part of Iran that could have serious security implications for the world’s most important oil production region

The Future Of Regional Cooperation In The War On Terror

Iraq Security Forces Conduct Operations in Lead-up to US Drawdown

Four veteran counterterrorism experts discuss whether America’s alliances with Middle East partners have helped or hindered the fight against global extremism. On September 14, Matthew Levitt, Stephen Tankel, Tricia Bacon, and Barak Mendelsohn addressed a Policy Forum at The Washington Institute. Levitt is the Institute’s Fromer-Wexler Fellow and editor of its recent compilation Neither Remaining Nor… Keep reading →

OPEC Ministers Attend Conference In Iran

Hardliners have been exploiting the recurrent unrest as an excuse to lambaste the government’s economic track record, interfere with its prerogatives in various sectors, and double down on the Supreme Leader’s ‘resistance’ strategy. In his first public reaction to Iran’s recent protests and mounting economic crisis, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei attempted to deflect public anger… Keep reading →

Kuwait Promises To Increase Oil Production In Case  Of War

The strategic Gulf island on the frontline against Iran faces formidable financial and diplomatic challenges, made more complicated by looming parliamentary elections. The smallest Persian Gulf country is in the throes of big economic problems. A growing debt burden means it needs foreign exchange to avoid a currency devaluation. Its wealthy neighbors—Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and… Keep reading →

'Liberated' Eastern Libya Adjusts To Life Without Gaddafi Rule

To preserve Libyan unity, the United States should threaten to block any oil shipments not authorized by the country’s internationally recognized government. On June 21, Gen. Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army, reclaimed two of Libya’s largest terminals after the militia leader Ibrahim Jadhran had seized them earlier in the month. Haftar… Keep reading →

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