Green Bonds & Islamic Finance


Green Bonds are a specific sub-set of bonds used for clean energy projects, the vast majority of which are in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

Governments of resource-rich countries commonly fill their coffers via royalties, taxes and other fiscal mechanisms that allow them to benefit from their national endowments. But while a well-designed fiscal regime can benefit both producers and residents, excessive government take can force producers to look elsewhere for returns, stifling investment. When governments establish fiscal terms for… Keep reading →

McConnell And GOP Leaders Discuss Democrats' Health Care Reform Proposal

You’d be forgiven for ignoring the latest round of crisis manufacturing underway in Washington, DC; the current set of politicians in power, like oversized kindergarteners with cable news spots, seem able to operate only by continually threatening to close the government down and walk away. The markets and the citizenry have seen so many rounds… Keep reading →

A man walks past gas prices posted on a

By John W Schoen With more Americans hitting the road as the summer driving season kicks off, they’re paying a lot more attention to the price of gasoline at the pump. And with prices spiking in several parts of the country, a lot of drivers are wondering why they are suddenly shelling out more to… Keep reading →

The European Union’s threatened boycott of crude oil imports from Iran is likely to have little effect on global oil prices, the Iranian economy, or its controversial nuclear program because the country will be able to find other buyers such as China, analysts said.

The EU agreed the measure in principle on January 4 in the latest effort to persuade Iran to suspend its enrichment of uranium in a nuclear program which Iran says is purely for peaceful domestic purposes but which the UN, US and EU say has aggressive intent. Keep reading →

Oil and gas supplies will struggle to keep up with world demand growth, making energy prices more expensive and more volatile in the long term, the head of Europe’s largest oil company has warned.

Peter Voser, the chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell, told the Financial Times: “We will have a lot of volatility ahead of us that we cannot avoid … for energy prices in general.” Keep reading →