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The energy industry is a source of technological innovation and remarkable engineering. From the use of advanced machinery to extract previously inaccessible volumes of natural gas and shale oil to the management of global projects and the benefits of real-time intelligence, pioneers abound in one of the world’s most important areas of commerce and economic… Keep reading →

NZ Earthquake Victims Named As Death Toll Increases

The US power sector has plenty of lucrative job opportunities and not enough people to fill them. Access to skilled labor is of critical importance to all facets of the energy industry. And the power sector is facing two major challenges: an aging workforce and a dwindling number of students enrolling in electrical engineering programs.… Keep reading →

Sydney Goes Dark For Earth Hour

Could more effective marketing bring energy efficiency into the limelight? One word that frequently comes up in discussions of energy efficiency is “boring”. It’s not sexy like oil or revolutionary like shale gas. Obtaining it sometimes requires that people modify their behavior in annoying ways, with no immediately visible benefits. There’s also a great deal… Keep reading →