LNG Export Terminals

A liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker arr

In the past decade, the North America LNG market has been subject to significant periods of volatility, and the past year is a prime example. U.S. LNG developers recognize that the market is now “tapping the brakes” from one year ago when it comes to the export market, but they still remain optimistic about the… Keep reading →


As 2015 is ushered in, about 40 U.S. pipeline projects are in various stages of development for receiving natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica shales, including six that came on line in 2014. All together, the projects represent more than 33 billion cubic feet (Bcf) per day of capacity and about $20 billion of… Keep reading →

Freezing Temperatures Continue To Grip The Country

In a post last week we discussed the way the Ukrainian crisis is focusing a number of U.S. leaders on the potential foreign policy impacts of surging U.S. energy production. With its vast natural gas reserves, the U.S. could be a leader in the global market for liquefied natural gas (LNG), if we took the steps to make… Keep reading →