Leonardo DiCaprio

Greenland:  A Laboratory For The Symptoms Of Global Warming

A climate researcher recently discovered some of the darkest snow and ice on record in Greenland and the findings have potentially alarming climate-change implications. “There are several potential explanations for what’s going on here. The most likely is that some combination of increasingly infrequent summer snowstorms, wind-blown dust, microbial activity, and forest fire soot led… Keep reading →

E.ON IBU Worldcup Biathlon Annecy - Antholz-Anterselva: Day Four

The German government is providing the country’s largest utility E.ON loans to help competitively bid for global LNG supply as Berlin seeks to diversify gas import sources away from Russia. The loans strengthen E.ON’s credit rating and help the company compete with government-backed companies that LNG suppliers favor. “Those guarantees have in the past been… Keep reading →

Gucci Presents The Restoration Premiere Of "Rebel Without A Cause" At LACMA

Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is gearing up to race electric cars in a new circuit starting up next September in Beijing. The races hope to draw hundreds of thousands of potential electric car buyers who could help alleviate China’s chronic air pollution problems with their environmentally-friendly vehicle purchases. “The glitz and glam surrounding the electric Formula… Keep reading →