Russian Gas Supplies Through Ukraine Turned Off

By now you may have seen our new ad, “Air Up Here,” highlighting the role natural gas has played in helping to lower U.S. carbon dioxide emissions to their lowest levels in nearly 25 years. While the ad focuses on how the industry is helping reduce greenhouse gases in our air, you may not realize that every… Keep reading →

Markets Stabilise After Turbulence Last Week

Morgan Creek Capital Management chief Mark Yusko said Monday he’s on the same page with Carl Icahn when the billionaire investor says there’s danger ahead in credit markets due to falling oil prices. [CNBC] The industrial giant General Electric is saying farewell to the compact fluorescent light, or CFL prompting a full transition to LED… Keep reading →


Every year, the information technology sector spends almost $7 billion on electricity costs, and much of that money goes to cooling computer processing units (CPUs) in data centers. At the Energy Department’s Sandia National Laboratories, researchers have developed an innovative new air-cooling technology — the Sandia Cooler — that improves the way heat is transferred… Keep reading →


Projects Designed to Save Consumers Money, Reduce Energy Consumption WASHINGTON – The Energy Department today announced nine research and development projects that will receive funding to support solid-state lighting (SSL) core technology research, product development and U.S. manufacturing. The projects will help accelerate the development of high-quality light-emitting diode (LED) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED)… Keep reading →


In 2012, the average American family spent 2.7 percent of their household income on home energy bills. While this might not sound like a lot, it adds up to almost $2,000 a year in energy costs. And much of that energy — 20 percent or more — is wasted on things like air leaks, poor insulation, and inefficient heating… Keep reading →


You may have heard about the recent 60 Minutes segment that inexplicably reported the cleantech sector was in steep decline. There are quite a few reports out there breaking down the many fallacies of that segment, with most correctly concluding the sector is not dead, it is in fact booming and evidence of that surging momentum is everywhere you look. Consider these… Keep reading →

Customers Line Up For Opening Of Ikea Store In Colorado

Some of the most promising climate-friendly innovations are already out there on the market, they just need to be brought to scale. And large companies can be instrumental in that role, as even minor modifications to production and distribution reverberate across massive global supply chains. “Even the most innovative companies find it difficult to innovate,”… Keep reading →

Israel Pioneers Use Of Medical Marijuana

Smart meters and advanced analytics could come to the rescue. It’s no secret that it takes a lot of energy to grow blueberry kush, purple sour diesel, voodoo or any of the dozens of other potent strains of marijuana available in North America. In the U.S. alone, indoor cannabis growing uses about $5 billion in… Keep reading →


Notable achievements in the world of cleantech We’re just five months into 2013, and we’ve already seen a number of new records in cleantech deployment. Here are five recent stories worth highlighting. Renewables Power Portugal Into 2013 In the first quarter of this year, Portugal got 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources. That’s three straight… Keep reading →

The Lumen Coalition wants consumers to know: There’s a bulb for that.

The new ad hoc group of 40 business and advocacy organizations has formed to help consumers sort out what’s happening with light bulbs as new energy efficiency standards, voted by Congress in 2007, begin taking effect in January. What is happening, the coalition says, is a flood of new choices, and a lot of them don’t look like the compact fluorescent curlicue. Keep reading →