Lease Sale

Cabinets From Both UK And Scottish Governments Meet In North East Scotland

Today’s 40 million-acre central Gulf of Mexico lease sale facilitated by the Department of Interior drew much attention due to BP’s return to action after being banned from the past 3 government auctions. The lease sale drew considerable attention from oil majors and independents, with most of the 380 bids submitted for deep-water territory. The… Keep reading →

Gulf Oil Spill Begins To Reach Land As BP Struggles To Contain Leak

Yesterday’s Gulf of Mexico lease sale brought in just over $102 million in high bids, less than the two previous sales. Various news outlets described it in less-than-glowing terms. Oil & Gas Journal called the results “lackluster“, while Fuel Fix said the sale drew “tepid interest“. “This sale was not eye-popping, and may be closer to a… Keep reading →