Traffic Congestion Costs Motorists Extra 38 Hrs A Week And Hundreds Of Dollars

The oil industry continues to try to beat back California’s pioneering clean energy policies.  But we at Consumers Union believe their efforts will ultimately fail. That’s because California’s families and businesses are better served by having more energy choices, a level playing field for alternative energy producers, and a focus on efficiency and clean energy… Keep reading →

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Europe will require considerable volumes of Russian natural gas for the foreseeable future, but EU members are increasingly unhappy with paying oil-linked prices for the fuel. In the latest attempt at loosening the old Soviet energy yolk from Central and Eastern Europe, EU regulators yesterday filed an antitrust suit against Gazprom that could total $15… Keep reading →

Could the United States cut its energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing incentives for the use of low-carbon fuels – while still allowing everyone to use whichever fuels they want?

The National Low-Carbon Fuel Standard Project says a policy encouraging the use of electricity, hydrogen, and biomass feedstock for transportation fuels would be feasible, timely, and eminently justified. Keep reading →

Everyone across the political spectrum talks about the need to wean the US from foreign oil. But when it comes to the details-how to actually make America more energy independent-the political posturing begins.

Recently, a Congressional dust-up dogged the national Renewable Fuel Standard. The year has also seen fights over the Keystone XL pipeline and the Pentagon’s renewable fuels efforts. And despite widespread support from Americans-and strong support from the auto industry itself-some still object to the 54.5 mpg by 2025 standard expected out later this summer. Keep reading →