Houston: We Have Another Problem

Houston Scenics

As oil and gas leaders converge on Houston for the year’s largest industry conference, CERA Week, falling oil and gas prices are understandably top of mind and a cause for concern for the industry. But there is another decline story underway in industry, one that poses a risk to the future of hydrocarbons in a… Keep reading →

Gasoline Prices Spike As Crude Oil Prices Surge

The UAE energy minister refused Wednesday to discuss a proposed cap to crude oil production agreed to by four oil-producing countries the day before, raising new questions about the proposal aimed at stabilizing global prices. [ABC] In a meeting with external experts, NATO ministers discussed global energy developments and their security implications. [NATO Press Release]… Keep reading →


Sometimes when firms conduct layoffs, it’s seen as being part of the regular course of business.

Job Seekers  Meet With Recruiters At Job Fair

Trick or treat? It’s almost Halloween, and it looks like at least one law firm decided to forgo giving candy to its associates and force them to start turning tricks instead.

Unemployed Americans line up to enter a

Peabody Energy yesterday announced plans to reduce approximately 250 corporate and regional positions in coming months to lower costs. “When fully implemented later this year, these reductions are expected to save $40 million to $45 million  per year. The reductions represent approximately 25 percent of corporate and regional support positions, and the majority of reductions are expected… Keep reading →

Boom Goes Bust: Texas Oil Industry Hurt By Plunging Oil Prices

Some economists have recently predicted that it not be until the third fiscal quarter 2015 that oil prices may begin to stabilize (for example, see ATB Financial’s Alberta Economic Outlook Q2 2015, published March 31, 2015). ATB Financial predicts, however, that the price stability will begin at around $50 per barrel rather than at the over $100 per barrel highs of mid-2014.