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WASHINGTON – President Obama has named Dr. Claudio Pellegrini and Dr. Charles V. (Chuck) Shank as recipients of the Enrico Fermi Award, one of the government’s oldest and most prestigious awards for scientific achievement. The Presidential award carries an honorarium of $50,000, shared equally, and a medal. The award is administered on behalf of the… Keep reading →

Biggest Solar Photovoltaic Power Station In Northwest China Under Construction In Xining

Long doubted in many quarters as a competitor with conventional sources – and even with wind power – U.S. government scientists say new research shows that solar is making up ground, both at utility scale and on rooftops. For example: “The price of electricity sold to utilities under long term contracts from large-scale solar power… Keep reading →

National Renewable Energy Lab Tests Green Energies In Colorado

  Awards recognize innovative research with commercial potential U.S. Department of Energy researchers have won 31 of the 100 awards given out this year by R&D Magazine for the most outstanding technology developments with promising commercial potential. The R&D 100 awards, sometimes called the “Oscars of Innovation,” are given annually in recognition of exceptional new… Keep reading →


All day today [Friday], Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is taking over our Instagram account! Jeff Neaton, director of the Molecular Foundry at LBNL, will be posting photos to share what’s happening over at Berkeley Lab. So far, he’s posted some pretty amazing views of the San Francisco Bay, wildlife around the lab and even a selfie with the attendees of… Keep reading →


Fuel cells — a clean energy technology that generates electricity using hydrogen and air — hold the promise of helping us dramatically reduce our dependence on oil while reducing air pollution. Yet, the high costs of fuel cell catalysts, which rely on expensive precious metals like platinum and can account for up to 50 percent of… Keep reading →


Every week, we’ll feature our favorite energy-related photo here on, at and on Twitter via @ENERGY. For other photos of the week, view our gallery. If you have ideas for Photo of the Week, send us an email at [email protected]. The cyclotron, invented by Ernest Lawrence in the 1930s, is a unique circular particle accelerator, which Lawrence himself referred… Keep reading →


Today, President Obama and the US Department of Energy honored two exceptional scientists whose long and productive research careers earned them one of the Nation’s oldest and most prestigious honors for scientific achievement: the Enrico Fermi Award. Bestowed annually upon a select few of the Nation’s most outstanding scientists, the Fermi Award recognizes individuals for… Keep reading →


Founded in 1931 by Nobel Prize winning physicist Ernest O. Lawrence, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is one of 17 Energy Department National Labs. Located in the hills above the University of California-Berkeley campus, Berkeley Lab plays host to 4,200 scientists, engineers, support staff and students conducting research in areas ranging from supercomputing to physics and beyond. 10. Berkeley Lab is… Keep reading →


Wise souls steel themselves before heading out at this time of year. There’s always a potential bite waiting: An icy road, a missed parking space, or the last-minute rush at a retail outlet. In contrast, a species of fish — which goes by the ungainly name of Arapaima gigas — faces potential bites from ferocious… Keep reading →

Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm Nears Completion

Quick Take: Bioenergy entrepreneur S. Michael Holly has posted on Energy Trends Insider to claim that special interests including electric power utilities and the wind industry are “misrepresenting wind power costs.” As a result, he claims, they are wrongfully rejecting renewables such as hydropower, geothermal and bioenergy that are actually lower in costs. – By… Keep reading →

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