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Strong Exports Force Coal Ships Bottleneck

  The world’s richest sovereign wealth fund severed ties with 32 coal mining companies, removing them from its portfolio in 2014, based on the risk of facing regulatory action on climate change. “Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), worth $850bn (£556bn) and founded on the nation’s oil and gas wealth, revealed a total of 114… Keep reading →

EPA Admin Gina McCarthy Announces New Regulations Under Obama's Climate Action Plan

EPA Chief Gina McCarthy took umbrage with a New York Times article published earlier this week – and featured in one of our News Roundups – that claimed powerful environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council played “an influential role” in designing the agency’s high-profile carbon rule for existing power plants. In an internal memo McCarthy… Keep reading →

2014 Dakar Rally - Day Five

Overview This paper focuses on evaluating the gas interconnection between Chile and Argentina from 1994 to 2009. In order to attain this goal the article describes the negotiation process between The State and the private sector. Firstly, it tries to introduce the reader to the Argentinean and Chilean status in terms of energy at the… Keep reading →

50,000 Descend Upon Rio De Janeiro For Rio+20 Earth Summit

The trouble with economic booms is that “crazy” is largely a matter of timing. For anyone who was paying attention in the 1980s, the idea that Brazil, with its runaway inflation problems, would emerge as a powerhouse driver of global economic growth while developed economies struggled in the mid to late 2000s would have seemed… Keep reading →

Exxon Valdez Oil Disaster 15 Years Later

The closing of the American West just over a century ago was thought to be the end of a long chapter of human exploration that was as inspiring and enriching as it often was destructive and painful. New evidence that the far northern reaches of the globe are becoming increasingly passable and habitable means that… Keep reading →

Speakers representing a wide range of sectors, from academia to accounting, had similar views with regard to the importance of corporate social responsibility and renewable energy investments: These things matter now and will only become more important to shareholders and consumers in the future.

“In 5 to 10 years, it will be very difficult to sell products made from ‘black’ energy,” predicted Morten Albaek, Chief Marketing Officer for wind turbine manufacturer Vestas. Albaek was announcing the results of two new energy transparency studies being launched at the New York Bloomberg Tower on September 24th. The studies were released in Rio in August and London last week. Keep reading →

Energy supply will soon no longer be a commodity, exchangeable and undifferentiated. Transparency about methods of production combined with increased consumer enthusiasm for authentic ways of ensuring their habits don’t harm the planet will ensure a shift in how energy is made, consumed and tracked.

That’s the brave new world Morten Albaek envisions as he considers the “puzzle” that is the energy mix today. Albaek is Global Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Corporate Relations at Vestas, the Denmark-based world leading wind energy company, but his approach to the business of selling wind turbines to the world is based on a fundamental view of the sector’s place in history, and its development. Keep reading →

Global investment in renewable energy capacity hit $237 billion in 2011, outpacing the $223 billion invested in new fossil fuel capacity globally, according to new data prepared by Bloomberg New Energy Finance for Vestas.

Moves by corporations to invest in renewable energy has the support of consumers as well, says a company data set – the Global Consumer Wind Study – also collected for Vestas and published as part of its Energy Transparency 2012 effort. Breaking Energy has partnered with Vestas on the Energy Transparency campaign as well. Read more about it here. Keep reading →

Rio de Janeiro has seen its share of energy sector action this year, and the rollout of new data underlining the appeal of both renewable energy itself as well as the products made with renewable energy is burnishing the city’s reputation as a leading destination for companies, investors and thought leaders from across the region and the world.

Developing countries are driving growth in renewable energy production and usage as developed nations back away from earlier government commitments to financing mechanisms. Brazil has a swiftly growing wind energy sector that underlines the commitment at both the government and corporate levels to expanding renewable energy use even as the oil and gas sector drive export market oriented investment in new fossil fuel production. Keep reading →

Brazilian government intends to boost installed #windpower generation capacity to 11.5 GW by 2020 #EnergyTransparency2012 Vestas

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