John Podesta

Center For American Progress Hosts 10th Anniversary Conference

John Podesta, Counselor to the President, who oversees climate change and energy policy for the administration is departing the White House and will now be a top adviser to presumed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He discussed the administration’s efforts on climate policy in an interview with the Washington Post. “I think we’ve done a very,… Keep reading →


There has been—appropriately—much attention given to the election and the impact it will have on control of the U.S. Senate. Given the possibility of a Republican-controlled Senate, we have also seen a flurry of analysis of what impact that change will have on various issues. But, in the energy and environment arena, there is an upcoming shift that will have a profound impact on the direction of public policy that is getting little attention: personnel changes at the White House.

Germany Plans 26 New Coal-Fired Power Plants

 The utility industry, legal community, environmental organizations, analysts and other stakeholders are eagerly awaiting the EPA’s new guidelines for reducing carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act for existing power plants. The rule is scheduled to be announced June 2nd. President Obama has acted aggressively to bypass congress on climate change legislation by using the… Keep reading →

Center For American Progress Hosts 10th Anniversary Conference

John Podesta replaced Heather Zichal as the Obama administration’s energy and climate guru last year in a move that pleased many in the environmental community given Podesda’s green credentials and opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline. But he recently spoke out against the notion that US fossil fuel consumption can be shutdown overnight without disproportionately… Keep reading →

Washington Landmarks Begin To Re-Open As Government Shutdown Ends

The latest budget deal struck in congress – which has yet to pass the House and Senate – does not repeal oil and gas industry tax breaks, but would mean an end to the Ultra-Deepwater and Unconventional Natural Gas and Other Petroleum Resources Research Program, a public-private partnership seeking to develop technology for harnessing energy… Keep reading →