The energy industry is increasingly a mobile (not Mobil, pun intended) enterprise, where foremen, floor-hands, roughnecks and drillers use smartphones and tablets throughout the workday. These devices contain vital information – including confidential data – about everything from codes to operate heavy machinery and geological studies about untapped reservoirs of natural gas and oil to intellectual property about a… Keep reading →

Texas Oil Companies Work To Adapt To Falling Oil Prices

Natural gas organizations are starting to integrate cybersecurity with other programs or applications as opposed to ad hoc or bolt-on fixes, according to Black & Veatch’s 2014 Strategic Directions: U.S. Natural Gas Industry report. The renewed focus on both physical and cyber security can be understood, in part, as a function of the continued rise… Keep reading →

Google Maps Returns To Apple's iPhone

The energy industry is no stranger to technology. But, ironically, many technology professionals are strangers to the energy industry. Specifically, developers of applications for mobile devices – the authors of the purported tools that will improve operations, increase productivity and streamline logistics for a variety of companies – do not necessarily understand key aspects of the energy… Keep reading →

Largest Bike Share Program In US Underway In New York City

As a native New Yorker, I’m really thrilled to be a part of New York Energy Week (NYEW) as a Board of Director. This weeklong energy series will touch on some of the most intriguing and pressing ideas in the entire sector. Better yet, it’s really the first time the emphasis is not just on… Keep reading →


There certainly has been a lot of interest in renewable sources of energy in recent years. Truth be told, it hasn’t always been a good thing considering the loud missteps witnessed by the likes of Solyndra, A123 and Fisker. However, even those who have cringed at the thought of investing in areas such as solar… Keep reading →

If you are looking for Breaking Energy on Monday morning, you’ll find us at There you will find the same coverage, the same resources, and the same team, with some minor adjustments.

We will also stick to the same goal – to continue covering energy market complexities in an accessible manner, from the oil & gas value chain to renewable energy project development, the evolving nuclear industry and other critical domestic and international energy issues. We will continue to do our best to represent all stakeholder voices, from industry to the environmental community, regulatory bodies and investors. We are a safe place for energy discourse, where the industry community can obtain, share and disseminate information and ideas. Keep reading →

As we transition over from Breaking Energy to the new Breaking Energy site on May 6, we will be offering a new feature that seeks to explain, in simple, accessible language, some of the terms that we throw around in our stories. We will also provide links to help direct you to resources that can offer more exhaustive detail.

There’s no reason an electrical engineer should be able to make the immediate mental leap from GTL to gas-to-liquids, the expensive process that can turn gas into liquid automotive fuel, or that an oil and gas lawyer will have any idea what ISO stands for (Independent Systems Operator). We aim to make our coverage accessible to as wide an energy audience as possible, and we also hope to offer a resource for newcomers to the energy industry who just don’t speak the language yet. Keep reading →

We’d like to give our readers a heads-up about some impending changes at the site. As some of you know, Breaking Energy was acquired by Breaking Media, and as of Monday, May 6, all readers will be redirected to Breaking Energy at

What’s the Same: Keep reading →

At last week’s launch of Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, author and energy analyst Daniel Yergin talked about what he sees as today’s three big energy questions. Dr. Yergin recently released a new book entitled “The Quest,” which follows up on his Pulitzer-winning history of the global oil industry, “The Prize.”

1) Is there enough energy? Will we run out? A few years ago peak oil was a common topic and dark days were seemingly ahead – demand was concentrated in OECD countries and ROW (rest of world) was just the tail until about 2004 when demand in emerging markets exploded, said Yergin. But every time it seems we are running out of oil, he went on to say, technology helps find and develop more, like we have now with shale and tight oil & gas. However, while concerns about peak oil may not be as urgent as they seemed a few years ago, new challenges have arisen, and “it’s still sobering to look at these energy challenges,” he said. Keep reading →

We’ve all read the cyber-attack and data breach headlines about Stuxnet, Flame, Shamoon, and most recently, Red October. Critical infrastructure cyber attacks were even a focus of the President Obama’s State of the Union Address.

Organizations that operate critical infrastructure – including oil and gas companies, utilities, nuclear facilities, and more – is well aware it’s under attack. The problem right now is that many of these organizations are struggling to figure out how the protect themselves from potentially devastating attacks. Keep reading →

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