Iraqi Oil

Iraqi Kurdistan Starts Oil Exports

Iraqis headed to the polls today to vote in national parliamentary elections that will decide who sits on the Council of Representatives for the next four-year term. The complicated process of new government formation and presidential selection will then unfold over the coming months. There is clearly much at stake domestically and regionally. The degree… Keep reading →

Iraq Parliament Convenes Following Inconclusive Election

Washington has rightfully avoided backing a candidate in next week’s [today’s] elections, but it should still use counterterrorism assistance and other levers to push Baghdad on pluralism and KRG oil revenue sharing during the presumably lengthy transition period. On April 30, the Iraqi public will vote in national parliamentary elections, establishing the next four-year term… Keep reading →

Oil Ministers Attend 127th OPEC Meeting

Apparently very little, according to traders and analysts polled by Bloomberg last week. The poll of 24 oil market observers had 22 predict Opec members would leave the current 30 million barrel per day production limit unchanged when they meet in Vienna on December 4th. Much has been made of the light, sweet barrels pushed… Keep reading →