Iran Nuclear Negotiations


Although Iran’s missile arsenal is conventionally armed, credible reports of links with its nuclear program underscore the need for limits on missile R&D work as part of a nuclear accord. According to the latest reports stemming from the P5+1 talks, Iran is now insisting that UN sanctions on its ballistic missile program be lifted as… Keep reading →

China and Iran Diplomacy Meeting

Oil and gas deals between China and Iran are set to change. Last week, several news agencies in the region, including the Iran Daily and Trend News Agency said that Iran and China have agreed that China would pay in cash for the oil and gas it buys from Iran. China is currently the biggest… Keep reading →

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Meets Woodside CEO Peter Coleman

Last-ditch campaign promises and bruising coalition negotiations have led Netanyahu to form a fragile government that may have trouble handling important domestic issues and foreign relationships. The next Israeli government, the fourth led by Binyamin Netanyahu, is slated to be formally established in the coming week. It will consist of 61 members, the barest majority… Keep reading →

President Obama Speaks On Iran Nuclear Deal

Foreign ministers in Lausanne, Switzerland on Iran’s nuclear programme have said they are inching towards a joint statement, which would be accompanied by a set of agreed parameters that would be kept secret, according to European diplomats. The EU and Iran are expected to issue a joint statement on the talks at 6pm GMT on… Keep reading →

Kerry Testifies On Convention On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities

Negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program have been extended by another day after pushing on past a deadline with Secretary of State John F. Kerry deciding to stay in Switzerland an extra day in search of a breakthrough. “State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said that progress had been made and that Kerry would remain “until at… Keep reading →