Iran Nuclear Framework


The Supreme Leader’s latest statements, harping on “unreasonable” demands, are not preparing the Iranian public for compromise. Since May 16, Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has spoken publicly on three occasions, covering topics including the Yemen crisis and the nuclear negotiations. The third of these speeches, on May 20 at the graduation ceremony for Imam Hossein… Keep reading →

Obama Nominates New Energy Secretary, New EPA Administrator

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz’s has emerged as a central figure in the Iran nuclear negotiations with his background as a nuclear physicist making him a key player in the high-profile bilateral framework. “President Obama and aides have asked Moniz to explain the technical details of an agreement in which Iran would give up the means… Keep reading →

The Growing Economy Of Dubai

The Assad regime and Hezbollah back Iran’s view of the announced parameters, but most other Arab officials and commentators are openly skeptical. Most analysts have focused on Israeli and American, rather than Arab, reactions to the Iran nuclear framework agreement announced last week. Yet there were significant and highly divergent reactions across the Arab region… Keep reading →