Iran Nuclear Deal

Iraq's Minister of Oil and President of

OPEC have pledged to stay the course following a meeting at their headquarters in Vienna on Firday — maintaining with a targeted production level of 30 million barrels per day. “The news was, frankly, just as broadly expected — thanks to the reasonably successful fruits of what has been widely described as a strategy to hold on to market share. “There’s… Keep reading →

OPEC Ministers Attend Conference In Iran

US oil company executives are reportedly exploring preliminary business opportunities in Iran that could emerge if economic sanctions are relaxed as part of an agreement regarding the country’s nuclear energy activities. The companies represented by these individuals were not identified. “It is forecast that by the visit of [the] American delegation this week and in… Keep reading →


News that China and Iran will try to resurrect their oil and gas relationship mostly took back stage this week to the Royal Dutch Shell-BG Group mega-energy deal of the decade. As a plethora of analysts, commentators and both print and online pundits waxed eloquent over Shell’s proposed $70 billion buyout of the British gas… Keep reading →

Iran Begins To Fuel The Country's First Nuclear Power Station

President Rouhani speaks of conciliation with the United States, but the differing bilateral descriptions of the parameters have some Iranians worried that a deal is by no means certain. Debate is raging inside Iran about the meaning of what happened in Lausanne last week. Two of the biggest questions center on why the U.S. and… Keep reading →

Obama Nominates New Energy Secretary, New EPA Administrator

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said the Iran deal addresses every way the country could possibly get a nuclear weapon and gives the international community unprecedented transparency to Iran’s nuclear program. “There is a fair amount of concern about the deal – which would scale back Iran’s nuclear facilities in exchange for long-term sanctions relief from the… Keep reading →

OPEC Ministers Attend Conference In Iran

Implementing a nuclear agreement will be no easier than reaching one, and Washington will have little influence over what Iran decides to do over time about the deal. Reaching a nuclear deal with Iran is proving to be tough, as evidenced by the seven-month extension of talks agreed to on Monday. But negotiating an agreement… Keep reading →

President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address At U.S. Capitol

As the Iran deadline approaches, violence flares up in Jerusalem, and respective election cycles ebb and flow, U.S. and Israeli officials will need to work harder than ever to manage bilateral tensions. In the coming weeks, a number of foreign and domestic developments will affect U.S. and Israeli policy, with each potentially testing the already… Keep reading →