Renewable Energy Update – July 2015 #3

Germany Seeks Ambitious Goals For Renewable Energy

A U.S. Senate committee has voted to extend more than 50 tax policies, including production and investment tax credits that incentivize wind farm construction.

Washington Landmarks Begin To Re-Open As Government Shutdown Ends

This week, the House will vote on a number of environmental measures including a bill that would slash EPA funding and block many of President Obama’s climate rules. “Lawmakers are expected to consider the Interior and environment appropriations bill, setting up a floor fight. The House Appropriations Committee¬†on Tuesday¬†approved the bill, which would cut the… Keep reading →


Master Limited Partnerships have gained in popularity in recent years, particularly in the midstream oil & gas sector, and now excitement is building around using the MLP structure for renewable energy projects. But MLPs are better suited to some assets than others and launching one is a complicated endeavor. So is an MLP the right… Keep reading →

An 11th hour withdrawal from a long-anticipated initial public offering could be a potentially damaging blow for a cleantech startup trying to raise additional capital from the public markets.

But BrightSource, the concentrating solar power startup with 9 GW of projects in the pipeline, has not ruled out another attempt at a public launch. Keep reading →

Last September, Breaking Energy named five cleantech IPO‘s that were set to break the charts and change the game for renewable energy on the stock market. One of those five was Brightsource.

But despite the hype that had some industry insiders calling the BrightSource IPO the possible start to a cleantech gold rush, the thermal solar company cancelled its initial public offering last week due to what the company said were “adverse market conditions.” Keep reading →

The first in a two-part series in which Breaking Energy asks a leading venture capital specialist about the intersection of two of the hottest parts of the economy today. Both are also are major contributors to hopes for increased hiring and accelerated tecnology innovation.

Q: What is the state of the venture capital industry, particularly in the energy sector, at the start of 2012? Keep reading →