Anniversary Of Nuclear Disaster At Three Mile Island Marked Near The Site

Japan remains committed to nuclear power despite the March 2011 accident at the Fukushima plant and its tragic aftermath, for economic, environmental and political reasons. [Fox News] Carl Icahn’s 2012 purchase of CVR Energy Inc. has returned more than $2.5 billion to the hedge fund manager from market gains and dividends that has recouped much… Keep reading →

Bloom Energy Touts Breakthrough In Affordable Energy Technology

Bloom Energy will launch itself into the biogas market this summer with IKEA confirming two of its retail stores in the San Francisco area will start producing electricity from Bloom’s manufactured fuel-cell system. “For IKEA, Bloom’s fuel cells will help offset carbon dioxide emissions and contribute to the global home-furnishings chain’s 2020 goal of being… Keep reading →

Iraq's Minister of Oil and President of

“The potential of air strikes on Yemen by Saudi Arabia, the biggest oil producer in OPEC, could throw world oil markets into volatility.” While Yemen contributes less than 0.2 percent of global oil output, its location puts it near the center of world energy trade. The nation shares a border with Saudi Arabia, the world’s… Keep reading →

U.S. Navy Sets Destroyers On Standby For Possible Strike On Syria

Could implementing a widespread change in energy use be as simple as educating leadership? The US Navy’s top-down structure may provide an effective means of implementing broad, sweeping changes to energy use in one of the country’s largest institutions. The Naval Postgraduate School’s Energy Academic Group and Cebrowski Institute hosted a five-day training course for Naval… Keep reading →

Customers Line Up For Opening Of Ikea Store In Colorado

Some of the most promising climate-friendly innovations are already out there on the market, they just need to be brought to scale. And large companies can be instrumental in that role, as even minor modifications to production and distribution reverberate across massive global supply chains. “Even the most innovative companies find it difficult to innovate,”… Keep reading →