Igor Sechin

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

The US LNG export debate received a shot in the arm for the Ukraine crisis, with several government officials calling for wholesale LNG export license approval that could ostensibly allow US companies to ship LNG to European gas consumers in the event of a Russian-initiated supply shortage. The only problem with that logic is exports… Keep reading →

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Where do we begin? Breaking Energy featured the Russian energy business in a recent Quote of the Day and it’s not that we’re picking on the country, but the murky world of Kremlin insiders – many former KGB personnel – running oil and gas companies with shares listed on public exchanges is nothing short of… Keep reading →


The Department of Energy looks set to award $8 bln in loan guarantees to limit greenhouse gas emissions produced from the oil & gas and coal sectors. The DOE’s proposal would apply to both downstream carbon capture – such as from coal-fired power plants – and to upstream emissions mitigation. Perhaps not what the world… Keep reading →