Domestic Oil And Gas Production

In a political year it’s possible some may try to politicize tax policy as it pertains to the oil and natural gas industry. Let’s start with some facts on energy and taxes: The tax treatments industry receives are not subsidies, as often is claimed by some. Deductions available to our industry are similar to those… Keep reading →

Fuel cells’ prospects of becoming a significant energy source are growing as costs decline and technology advances, helping the two leading players in the US industry, FuelCell Energy, and Bloom Energy.

In a signal of growing confidence in the full cell business, Bloom Energy is the subject of speculation that it will go public this year, said Sam Jaffe, research manager at IDC Energy Insights. Keep reading →

A technology that can provide reliable power with low emissions in congested areas without the need for costly transmission sounds like the wave of the future, and it will be if FuelCell Energy gets its way.

For now, neither the company nor the technology are profitable or widespread enough to be a major part of the US energy mix. Keep reading →

A cab driver fuels up his CNG taxi on February 8, 2012 in San Francisco, California. San Francisco city officials announced today that 92 percent of San Francisco’s taxi fleet is comprised of hybrid or CNG vehicles

Chesapeake Energy has agreed to work with technology firm 3M to produce and market compressed natural gas tanks for the US transportation sector. Keep reading →