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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced $72 million for new projects to advance high-temperature concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies. These projects will extend previous research on high-temperature components, develop them into integrated assemblies, and test these components and systems through a wide range of operational conditions. CSP technologies use mirrors to reflect and concentrate… Keep reading →

Armor For The Grid

German Electricity Grid Insufficient For New Energy Needs

THE GRID IS VULNERABLE TO ATTACK. Scientists at Idaho National Laboratory designed this ballistic barrier system to protect it. Until 2013, an electricity substation in California was surrounded by nothing more than a chain link fence, just like thousands of others across the United States. That fence proved ineffective when gunmen fired up to 150… Keep reading →


Cheers erupted from an audience peering over plywood walls into a mock-up hot cell, the shielded environments scientists use to inspect spent nuclear fuel. The robot inside had successfully moved a mock radioactive sample from a transport box, out of its containers, into an examination instrument, and then back again. It was a satisfying ending… Keep reading →

Germany Invests In Renewable Energy Sources

  The Bioenergy Feedstock Library contains no books. What it does contain is information about biomass — organic material such as corn stover, switchgrass, wood chips and wheat straw. Nearly 50,000 biomass database entries and more than 35,000 physical samples reside in a repository located at the Department of Energy’s Biomass Feedstock National User Facility.… Keep reading →

Tomorrow’s Nuclear Reactors Are Closer Than You Think

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  A new generation of innovators is pioneering the future of nuclear energy in partnership with our National Labs. Citizens and policymakers leading the global transition to a low-carbon economy are focusing efforts on developing — and building — advanced nuclear reactors. To support these efforts, the Department of Energy is working to forge key partnerships… Keep reading →


Cycle for Science — the brainchild of Rachel Woods-Robinson and Elizabeth Case — is a 4,000-mile bike ride from San Francisco to New York. Along the way, Case and Woods-Robinson will make stops at classrooms and summer programs to teach science, talk with teachers and encourage girls to continue studying science, technology, engineering and math… Keep reading →

National Renewable Energy Lab Tests Green Energies In Colorado

  Awards recognize innovative research with commercial potential U.S. Department of Energy researchers have won 31 of the 100 awards given out this year by R&D Magazine for the most outstanding technology developments with promising commercial potential. The R&D 100 awards, sometimes called the “Oscars of Innovation,” are given annually in recognition of exceptional new… Keep reading →