Hydralic Fracturing

Currents: Energy Industry Insights December 2018 #2

Water Sources Cities Of Beijing Stepped Up Water Protection

According to EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler, the purpose of this proposed rule is to restore balance between federal and state regulation of the nation’s waterways

Cabinets From Both UK And Scottish Governments Meet In North East Scotland

Consumers have felt some of the fruits of America’s energy revolution, API Chief Economist John Felmy told reporters in a pre-Memorial Day conference call. Felmy noted: Drivers are paying about $1 less per gallon of gasoline on average nationwide than they did at this time a year ago, according to AAA. Thanks to advanced hydraulic… Keep reading →

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

Following up on last week’s rebuttal of a truth-challenged attack on hydraulic fracturing in a USA Today op-ed, in which we detail how federal and state regulation, combined with industry standards are protecting the environment, water supplies and communities. The op-ed by the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Amy Mall opens by posing a false choice for Americans: economic and energy security from… Keep reading →

Nick Clegg Opens Offshore Wind Farm

  A 30-megawatt offshore wind pilot project will use 5 floating turbines to generate electric power routed back to the mainland in Coos Bay, Oregon. “We’re not as anxious to commercialize it, but it’s still worth getting the projects into the water and testing them,” said Belinda Batten, director of the Northwest National Marine Renewable… Keep reading →

Migrant Workers Farm Crops In Southern CA

A disrupted planting schedule and unusually wet weather has increased demand for propane used to dry corn, creating shortages exacerbated by transportation bottlnecks. “A lot of guys are being rationed at 300 to 500 gallons a day, and it’s just not enough,” said John Plathe, 49, a corn farmer in west-central Minnesota. “If this were… Keep reading →