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Toyota Announces Prius Recall Due To Brake Issue

Most consumers have pre-conceived notions about hybrid cars. They think they’re expensive go-carts driven by smug vegans on their way to Whole Foods. However, hybrid cars are starting to evolve. They’re becoming faster, cheaper, and more stylish. Let’s debunk a few myths in hopes of improving their reputation. Myth #1: Hybrid Cars Don’t Have the… Keep reading →


With electric vehicle sales on the rise, many auto makers are looking for the next advance in the technology. The electric vehicle removes dependence on gasoline but the concept car announced by Ford last week removes the vehicle’s dependence on anything but the sun. The C-MAX Solar Energi concept car is a solar-powered hybrid vehicle that… Keep reading →


Notable achievements in the world of cleantech We’re just five months into 2013, and we’ve already seen a number of new records in cleantech deployment. Here are five recent stories worth highlighting. Renewables Power Portugal Into 2013 In the first quarter of this year, Portugal got 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources. That’s three straight… Keep reading →

When one thinks of hybrids, cars like the Toyota Prius come to mind. There’s no reason though green vehicle technology like this needs to be limited to passenger cars or commercial vehicles like moving trucks. It is also turning up in the construction industry, in part via the unveiling in the last week of a new hybrid excavator from Caterpillar.

Caterpillar said its new Cat 336E H is a derivative of the company’s 336E large hydraulic excavator, which is described as a “recognized industry-leading workhorse” by its manufacturer. The new hybrid version is the company’s first to make use of what it calls “a novel hydraulic hybrid technology developed internally” that reportedly uses 25 percent less fuel compared to its regular sibling. Torque News noted of this machine that it has a drive train that “is a diesel-electric design but Caterpillar is not describing the electrical storage capacity nor power of the electric motor.” Keep reading →